Exalt IT values our partnerships

Partner relationships are essential and strategic in the success of Exalt Integrated Technologies (Exalt IT).  Exalt IT continues to strengthen and improve current partner relationships and it is our goal to evaluate and seek additional partner relationships that will add value, improve quality and performance offered through our solutions to our clients.

Lenovo Business Partner


Lenovo provides Exalt IT with the experience of the benefits of partnering with a world leader in client, data center and mobile products.



APC by Schneider Electric works hard to ensure we offer the services and tools necessary for our partners to be more successful and ultimately more profitable.



HP provides Exalt IT with the market expertise to support our business model and what we need to succeed.



With IBM as a partner, Exalt IT has access to unmatched expertise, leading-edge solutions and program benefits that work for you.



Microsoft helps Exalt IT make the best business decisions. Partnering with Microsoft assists in expanding your business, engage customers, and earn more revenue.



Eaton provides to Exalt IT as a PowerAdvantage Partner assistance in building a more efficient and rewarding power management practice.

Cloud Ararat

Cloud Ararat is our R&D partner, offering Cloud Services and Actionable Intelligence solutions by managing the entire life-cycle of the aerial and ground data operations; data collection, processing, visualization, distribution, security and compliance.

STP Ventures

STP Black is a solution that automates both proactive and reactive cyber security strategies to protect your business. Automatically: Block attacks before they happen, quarantine infected machines & prevent data leaks.

US Signal

US Signal develops end-to-end IT solutions to ensure the availability and security of your mission-critical data and applications. Robust, scalable and always reliable, US Signal solutions adapt to your organization’s changing needs so you can lower costs, improve performance, and focus internal resources on your core competencies.