Exalt Integrated Technologies provides services that contribute to high data accessibility and protection from data loss. Our customized services ensure high performance, continuous access, centralized management, sharing of resources, recovery reliability, data protection and system security.


Aerial & Ground Operations plus Data Management

Exalt IT provides certified and highly experienced developers, systems analysts, business analysts and regulatory‐standards experts to implement enterprise applications.

Exalt IT has employed eight application developers over the past four years. Their expertise includes: Lotus Notes, .NET, SharePoint, and SQL. Clients include the Defense Information Systems Agency and the US Army Office of the Judge Advocate General.


  • Software Development, Integration and Implementation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Logistics Analysis
  • Portal and E-Commerce Applications

Strengthen the security of your business

Exalt IT offers a wide array of security services, from basic reviews and consultation to strategic planning, design and integration.

Exalt IT has security expertise in all security disciplines and has vast experience in assessment, independent verification and validation (IV&V) and audits.  Exalt IT has been preparing Certification and Accreditation (C&A) packages and providing Security consulting since 2006. Our security team members have over 20 years of security expertise.


  • Assessment Services
  • Strategic Services
  • Integration Services
  • Training and Awareness Services
  • Security Staff Augmentation

Top-tier Application Development Services

Exalt IT manages the entire life-cycle of the aerial data and ground field data operations; requirements analysis, data collection, processing, actionable intelligence, display, distribution, security and compliance.

We have developed a cloud based Actionable Intelligence SaaS product to connect and manage aerial and ground operations of variety of assets, sensors,personnel, work orders and data structures to communicate with each other in a simple, meaningful way. We do simplify the big data gathered by various resources into actionable intelligence custom for each stakeholder to eliminate the time wasted over processing, analysis and decision making.


  • Actionable Data Management
  • Aerial and Ground Data Management
  • IoT & Sensor Data Solutions
  • Commercial Drone Services
  • Satellite Data Acquisition, Analysis and Processing
  • Asset and Field Team Operations Management

Secure Your Enterprise’s Digital Assets & Resources

Exalt IT sharpens our client’s competitive edge by maximizing and streamlining technology infrastructure

Today’s sharpest competitive edges and highest productivity hurdles are found in organizations’ technology infrastructure. The networks, devices, systems, applications and equipment that an organization uses can propel its success or cripple its abilities. We’ve found that the difference between the two can often be traced to small, avoidable design flaws, bottlenecks and antiquated thinking.

Exalt IT will create secure, scalable, flexible systems for high-performing organizations.


  • Network Connectivity
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Network Design (Data, Voice, Video)
  • Asset Management

Media Solutions to communicate your business ideas and engage your audience

From a screen interface that is optimized for ease-of-use, by presenters with little experience in digital interactivity; to touchscreen displays that complement your meeting room décor.

Wall-mounted, interactive, displays in meeting rooms should inspire group imagination, engagement, and communication. As presentation devices, they should deliver a Return-On-Investment, with real value, to both Presenter and Attendee.


  • Wall mounted, interactive displays
  • Presentation devices
  • New media technology

Automated Cyber Security Defense Solution

Exalt IT uses a syndicated blacklist capable of utilizing data from any security source that generates a readable log or email notification and automatically updating firewall (blacklist) and switch devices (ACL / port control) with the gathered information. When implemented Exalt IT will provide any environment with an automated cyber security platform that addresses key proactive and reactive strategies essential to any security fabric.


  • Managed cyber security services
  • SIEM
  • HIDS
  • NIDS
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Electronic asset discovery
  • Automated response platform
  • Threat remediation
  • Managed IT services
  • Helpdesk
  • Endpoint protection suites
  • Network implementation, analysis, hardening
  • Data backup
  • Cloud & on-premise
  • Process & technology consulting